San Sebastián

Dog friendly San Sebastián

Welcome to my hometown: San Sebastián, the world capital of miniature cuisine (the famous pintxos). This city, also known as Donostia, is awesome. Here you can find beaches and mountains right in the city center, tons of culture... and a lot of nature ready to be explored. Here I point a few plans to make the most of SS, but next August (2018) I promise to show you much more in one of my videos.



Hotel Avenida (Paseo de Igeldo, 55)

Hotel Record(Ategorrietako Galtzada Zaharra, 35)

Codina (Avda. Zumalacárregui, 21)

Hotel María Cristina (Paseo Republica Argentina, 4)


Casa Senra (San Francisco, 32)

Caravanserai Café (San Bartolomé, 1)

Bideluze (Plaza Gipuzkoa, 14)

 Burguer Va Bene (Boulevard, 14)

Belgrado (avenida de navarra, 2)

Mapa Verde (Jose Miguel Barandiarán 22)


 Geltoki (easo, 61)

PAPPERINO (San Francisco, 12)


Few Spanish cities can boast of having a beach with the charm of La Concha in the heart of the city, a beach considered the best of Europe in 2018 according to TripAdvisor (in its famous railing you can take a selfie as if you were Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer´s lion -look at my picture above-). Well, in fact, in Donosti we have three urban beaches: La Concha, Ondarreta (in the same bay) and Zurriola, the surf beach.

And the good news is that most of the year, from October 1 to May 31, dogs are welcome in those. The local regulations say that dogs must be tied although in practice this rule is only required to dogs considered dangerous.

In addition, the city of San Sebastian has established specific areas in which you can take the dogs loose. In winter, between 6 pm and 12 noon, we can be in the parks of Miramón, Lau Haizeta, Otxoki, Ametzagaina, Ulia and Urgull. The most central are Urgull (in the summer from 19:00 to 10:00 dogs are also allowed here) and Ulia.

Ulia mountain ends La Zurriola beach (you can reach the foot of the mountain two minutes walking from the beach). If you go up the slope of Sagüés, it will take you just 10 minutes to reach a viewpoint with incredible views of all Donosti.

And Urgull is a must because it is the mountain that is seen in all the images of Donosti topped by the castle of La Mota and the Christ. Running around is a blast, as it is full of woods, paths and remains of fortifications, including canyons and lookouts with stunning views of the bay (in the part that overlooks Santa Clara Island, by the way, there is a stoned house bar with terrace). One of the photos on this page is made at the top of the mountain.

If you go for a walk in these mountains at sunset, I recommend you wear a necklace that emits light. That way, your human mate will be able to keep an eye on you while you play in the bushes. I have a cool one that is recharged by USB that my friends from Trixie have sent me.


Mount Urgull is in the heart of the city, in fact, the town was born at its foot and today it still houses the Old Town, full of pintxo bars with its doors wide open and high tables next to the doors, so it is It will be easy for your human friend to drink pintxos accompanied by you.

By the way, the third mountain that has the city on the coast line is Igeldo, which has a Victorian-era amusement park on its top (called Monte Igueldo). You can reach the park by car or funicular. And dogs can climb on this romantic wooden train (the wagons are the originals of a century ago) paying a ticket of 3.15 euros.

The funicular station is a few meters from the iconic Peine del Viento, the work of Eduardo Chillida that, in fact, consists of three sculptures that comb the winds that enter La Concha Bay. So do not miss the photo. The Comb of the Wind is the end of the walk that borders the bay and just before reaching it, there is a bar with pintxos, sandwiches... that has one of the best terraces: Ñam bar. The place is perfect to take a break while enjoying unbeatable views.


To eat in the city center (salads, local food ... of good quality) I recommend these places that admit humans accompanied by dogs: Bideluze and Caravanserai Café. And in the neighborhood of Gros, next to La Zurriola beach, Belgrado bar (here, in addition, you can snack on some great cakes) and Green Map restaurant (veggie food).

The best burgers in the world (local meat of excellent quality) are in Va Bene (sorry for the Americans). This restaurant has been a reference in the city for decades. They have two premises in the center of the city and the Bulevard one has a covered terrace. Truly, if your human friend likes burguer, it is a must.

Speaking of eating, if your human mate has a sweet tooth, let him know that San Sebastian is full of excellent pastry and ice cream shops. Dogs are welcome at the Geltoki cafetería (Easo, 61), where the specialty is a delicious almond cake. Pablo always tells me that having a cake here is like having a bite of Moments (the deli that I get from DingoNatura). So I can get an idea ...

I recommend Papperino ice cream shop (San Francisco, 12), in the neighborhood of Gros. The ice creams are 100% home made, and Maria and Joel really take care of their clients. it is worth trying one of their creations.

Hotels: I leave you a few links at the top, with several places that welcome pets. There are many more (for example, at the top of Mount Igeldo), but these that I point out are in the urban center.

I hope these tips are useful to you. In August I promise to shoot a super video on location and to post many more plans from San Sebastián.