Pet friendly Salamanca

Salamanca is the living example of a monument city. Strolling through its streets and enjoying its historical artistic heritage is a pleasure, also for dogs that travel like me. For that reason, Salamanca was the first destination in my Spanish tour.

The skyline of Salamanca is stuning. The view of the city from the other side of the Tormes River impresses anyone who visits it. The city is on a hill next to the river, the golden rays of the sun caress its sandstone and grant even more majesty to this monumental complex topped with cathedrals, churches, convents and university buildings. As if not to exclaim a... WOW.

Strolling through Salamanca is a delight, even more so if you are accompanied by your human companion, who will surely stop at every corner and alley hypnotized by the magic of this fairytale city full of dog friendly establishments.

We arrived in Salamanca in May 2018 on a Renfe train which connects Madrid with the city in one hour and 40 minutes. Comfortably in my carrier (60 x 35 x 35cm), next to my human friend and paying only 25% of the tourist ticket (dogs travel free in first class!).

Upon arrival we went to have breakfast at Plaza Mayor, which remains, after 200 years, the true heart of the university city. We went into the oldest café in Salamanca, an institution famous for clients as Miguel de Unamuno, Ortega y Gasset, and Pedro Laín Entralgo. Precisely, this square and “café” are two of the scenarios in which Alejandro Amenabar is shooting his new film about Unamuno.


The Plaza Mayor is also a must for tapas. In my video up here you can see me with the famous callus dish that a well-known establishment has just seen recognized in the World Callus Championship: it won the first prize competing against 22 European restaurants. My human Pablo says this dish is delicious, but I prefer the natural food that DingoNatura gives me: Natura Diet Lamb & Rice.

We also went for tapas to a "quixotic" café on Calle Serranos, two steps away from the famous Salamanca frog (the one hidden in the Plateresque façade of the University). By the way, in this street there are several establishments that admit dogs inside (for example, we also went into a tearoom on the corner of this street, which is also a coworking space).

We went for lunch to a “bodegón” in Unamuno Square, which admits dogs both on the terrace and in the interior space next to a bar full of wonderful tapas. Local veal, roasted vegetables, a dessert of several chocolates ... Wow, but my mate refuses to give me human food. Miguel, the owner, took care of us in the restaurant and guided us on other pet friendly establishments, such as the cocktail bar that is around the corner, where your human friend will be able to taste a great “piña colada”. David and the rest of the staff are real cracks of the shaker.


Although the main tourist attractions do not allow dogs, one of the most spectacular does let us enter during less affluence hours and provided we behave well: IERONIMUS (the towers of the cathedral) . You can access the towers climbing some narrow stairs and corridors. The views are very special.  The good thing about Salamanca is that you can enjoy art in every corner of the old city. So we all could enjoy the impressive facades of its two cathedrals, count the shells of the famous building of the same name (Casa de las Conchas), admire the astronaut and the rest of the reliefs of the New Cathedral and take tapas on its countless terraces. Do not miss the tourism website of the Junta de Castilla y León.

During my visit I was able to enjoy the great park along the River Tormes, where I could meet many furry colleagues walking with their humans, but the city also has parks with a specific area for dogs. There are, at least, six. The largest area is in the Baldío park, but you can also find Jesuitas, Valhondo, Villar y Macías, Plaza Baleares and Don Juan Tenorio. I walked around Jesuitas dog park for a while, a very nice leafy park with several sources of fresh water.

With so much walking from one place to another, you have to rest properly, so we stayed at a castle full of love, a wonderful castle palace of the fifteenth century that is in Topas, 20 minutes by car from the center of Salamanca. Piluca and his team make you feel at home. They have a cool doggie bed and plenty of sweets for the hairy ones like me. In another of my stays I was in a cozy hostel in the Plaza de la Libertad (next to the Plaza Mayor), but this time we opted for the castle, already on the way to our next destination.


Finally, here you can find the Local Rules on Pets. This regulation prohibits the entry and stay of animals in premises for the preparation, storage, sale, transport or handling of food. In addition, it is the owner of each bar or restaurant who decides if he accepts dogs inside. According to the rule, "the establishments in which meals and drinks are consumed may reserve admission. In case of non-admission, they must indicate it with a badge visible from outside”.

Oh! And here, in these photos, you can see more travel proposals in the province of Salamanca: If you have time, beyond the capital, visit the beautiful Ciudad Rodrigo, a walled jewel south of Salamanca, and the delicious La Alberca, in the Sierra de Francia, a small town that exudes charm in each street with a square full of terraces where you can rest.

And if you have not yet seen my short film shot in all these scenarios, go to the top of the page and click play. I hope you like our own Oxford as much as I do.