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We could say so many things about our dear friend that surely we would lose objectivity. So we have left the presentation in his hands, we mean, legs. Go ahead, Pipper ...

"My name is Pipper and I am a Parson Russell Terrier, I was born in May 2016 in Borda Txiki, at the foot of Mount Adarra, two steps from San Sebastian (Basque Country, North of Spain), and I live half of the time in San Sebastian and half in Madrid. I love playing with my mum, Kika, and the sheep and chickens of my northern house, but what I like the most is to go with my human on a field trip to discover new places where I can run and play.

One day, my human being, Pablo, thought about going on a trip together and tour Spain to discover cool dog friendly destinations and show them at this website.

By the way, as many people ask, I tell you that my name comes from a mixture between pepper (English) and piper (pepper in Basque). I was named this way because I do not stand still, especially if there is a ball around.

I hope you like my proposals and I invite you to share them with all your friends. See you on the road!"



Thanks for visiting pipperontour.com. The purpose of this website is to promote 'dog friendly' tourism in Spain, the second most visited country in the world.

Pipper is the star of this website. This Parson Russell Terrier has one challenge: travel all over Spain between May 2018 and May 2019. He is visiting 50 main tourist destinations with his human, Pablo Muñoz Gabilondo, a San Sebastian born journalist based in Madrid.

Pipper visits places that allow pets and promotes theme in his blog. In addition, during his trip, Pipper stars short films (in the form of fiction tales) acting as an ordinary tourist.

Suggestions and proposals are welcome. If you know friendly places for tourists with dogs in Spain, from beaches to hotels, restaurants and shops, you can tell us by mail, and we will do as much as we can for Pipper to visit theme.

Pipperontour.com thanks, especially, the sponsors who are making possible the Spanish Tour of the first tourist dog: Bankia, Bayer, Dingo Natura, Junta de Castilla y León (regional government), and Trixie.

Have a good trip!